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The Business & Professional Women’s Federation is a network of Christian women  in business and professional fields. They work as a meaningful and benevolent working unit. B&PWF develops the professional, business and leadership potential of women on all levels through advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building, economic empowerment programs, and projects around the world. We are a ministry of the International Department of Women Church of God in Christ.

Bonnie Jean McPeak

National Chapter President

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Dr. Mary May Larry, 1st Vice President B&PWF National Chapter

Dr. Peggy Harris, 2nd Vice President B&PWF National Chapter

Membership Recruitment

Leadership Support

Lisa Sconiers

Marketing and Public Relations

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Who are We? What do We do?

The Business and Professional Women's Federation is empowered by God to provide a myriad of opportunities for networking, career advancement, and professional enrichment for women that demonstrate a commitment to excellence. The organization of the B&PWF gives women an opportunity to utilize their professions for God. The B&PWF network is designed to advance your career and achieve the personal fulfillment of helping others. Each year the Business and Professional Women's Federation donates to one or more non profit organizations in the city where the  Women International  Convention is  held. The B&PWF operates and serves on a local, district, jurisdiction and national level. Each jurisdiction are encouraged to establish a jurisdictional chapter president and set up district and local presidents. 

Our Mission:

We are based on belief that God has empowered and equipped us by the Holy Spirit.  The members of the Business and Professional Women's Federation are to serve by Godly examples in their homes, churches, schools, communities and the world. The Mission is to share our God given resources and expertise to care for the general welfare of all people, to help spread joy and love, happiness and the Word of God by being living testimonies to people everywhere.

We meet on a national level twice per year:

Our Fellowship / Open House  in November during our Holy Convocation

Our Annual Luncheon  in May during the  Women International Convention.

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